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Our Roots

Petrik Laboratories is a family owned business and a recognized leader in applied agricultural microbiology and plant nutrition. Petrik has provided improvement of soil microbiology for over 60 years by supporting the natural bio-organo-mineral complex. Petrik supports the biological, the organic, and the mineral aspects of the field, all in a sustainable and environmentally friendly package, producing better flavor, intense color, longer shelf life, and higher nutrition in produce.

Vaclav Petrik Sr. Photo

Vaclav Petrik Sr. began his work in the late 1930s being interested in crop growth and soil fertilization practices. His research led him to the understanding that soil solution is vital to the plant's growth. This understanding provided the venue for further research in how the soil solution is influenced. Soil humus and organic matter decomposing into humus and its interdependence on soil structure brought Vaclav to soil microbial study. His first field experimentation was conducted in the season of 1947 in southern Moravia; he made the first complex material in 1961 and stabilized it for storage by 1964. Vaclav Sr. and his son developed a system of soil management during the 1970s that addressed the full spectrum of biology, organic materials, and soil chemistry.


Today, the Petrik System and products are implemented and distributed throughout the world.

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